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"Mass Laboratory and Consulting Services Inc." is a fully domestic test company that has been accredited by TURKAK according to the TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and was founded in Istanbul in 2018.

Our Service Vision

Mass Lab, as one of the leading companies in the service field in Turkey, uses test equipment and tools according to the use and activity points of the products, together with engineers. In the report preparation stage, test criteria and techniques are fully implemented and the suitability for the form to be used is analyzed.

Textile and shoe tests are reported with values in accordance with human biology and activity field.
Plastic products will be analyzed for quality control and R&D tests.
Material analyses, specific tests, and plastic product tests are tested according to the industrial field and use characteristics outside the industrial field.
Cosmetic products go through stages of compatibility testing with human biology and skin care products.
Industrial characteristics, scope of activity field, and purity tests are reported in the professional service field of Mass Lab with qualities in accordance with our vision and mission.

Our Quality and Mission

Through laboratory techniques developed through quality control and industrial testing, all values are tested and reported again and again by engineers and technicians. The good and bad characteristics that will reflect the brand value according to the use, use field, and measure of the substance are also taken into consideration.

Mass Lab measures the qualities of pH determination, phthalate determination, PAH determination, and Chrom 6 (VI) determination in the clothing field.
In the cosmetics sector, it applies dioksin test, ethyl alcohol, claim tests, heavy metal tests, and microbiological tests.
Plastic products are subjected to PAH determination, Cadmium test, and phthalate determination tests.
In R&D, quality control, and material analysis tests, pH value, biological effects, heavy metal characteristics, and problem detection during use are analyzed according to the activity field.

Neutral and Independent Test Laboratory

Mass Lab, established with the understanding of providing unbiased and independent testing services in the fields it serves, has adopted the principle of providing accurate, reliable, and impartial test results by following the developments in the industry and using the latest technology.

Our Services

Textile and Shoe Testing
RoHS Testing and RoHS Certificate
Plastic Product Testing
R&D, Quality Control, and Material Analysis Tests
Cosmetic Product Testing
Industrial Characteristic and Purity Tests
Microbiological analysis: Protect your customers and your brand with our thorough testing for harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.
Chemical analysis: Ensure your products are free of any unwanted chemicals and meet industry standards with our advanced testing methods.
Physical testing: Confirm that your products meet all necessary specifications and will hold up under different conditions with our comprehensive physical testing services.
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